What lies in the now.

The Now is only now, here, precisely in this instant of being that your mind, soul, body are centered within.

The Now is not then.  Neither is it Then.  Not the Then of the past, not the then of the future.  Not the Was, the Will Be, nor the moment before nor the one that follows.

The now is only Now, one and the same and no other experience but that.  Seeded by the multitude of previous Nows into its own existence; pass into the past and become Seed in the space of the passing of Now and of now.

Having dealt with what the Now and now is and is not, let us address the joy that the Now contains.

And its utter Sorrow.

The Now is all that there is.  Each Now, each moment, is birthed into existence and as with any birth it is due all the joy of the universe.  Even within the adversity and the horror the child may be, it is still celebration.  It is still birth.  Every moment is a birth.  Every Now is the instant of becoming.  All Joy to the birth of NOW!!!

The now is so very, very ephemeral.  We breathe and it has already passed.  It can stretch itself out in time with a familiarity of previous and future Nows, but it passes even as you notice it.  It spirals ever into death, into Was, into being No More and never to be again.  No individual Now shall ever come again.

Each passing Now is a death, a loss, the finalness of its entire being, gone as the eye blinked and the bird flew by.  Weep in every now for the Now that shall be no more.  Endless sorrow, endless loss, that is the now.

Weep in sorrow, leap in joy, every moment that is breathed.  Breathe into it.

It is who we are.  We are now and only need to make the smallest of leaps to be of the Now.

May you find it within your own soul.

~The Abysmal Witch

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