What Light Through Yonder Darkness Breaks

Twilight drifts to a close.  The wind chills and the world is quieter.

Darkness is closing in.

My dear, familiar friend, your embrace is what I long for even when I have to take it in through my fear.

But tonight you are but the beginning.  You are the opening act, the appetizer, the foreplay.  Do you wait for her as eagerly as I do?

Is your darkness a little deeper tonight?  Have you set the stage, just for her?  Are you pulling the stars a little closer so that she will not be alone?  Or so we will all see that she is the most glorious of the night sky’s lights?

O beautiful night, come, come quickly!  Come rushing in with wings of darkness stretched wide over the earth!  Over me!  Over us all!!

Come now!

Spread yourself wide and receive her!  Cast away the last of the day.  It’s fading, let if fade.  Let it die.  Let your full blue-black beauty stretch deep into space and so be done with the direct light of sun.

The mirror is soon to rise.

The moon comes.

And she will bring us the silver glory that will reveal all that the bright sun disguises.

Do I see her?  Now?  Is that a glint of her winking above the horizon?  Does her light slip through the trees like a lover’s nimble fingers?

I stretch out my hand.  Her light touches me and I know she is here.  The moon has risen.

Lady, let me stand here beneath you.  Let me bask in your soft, loving light.  Lady, you are beautiful and I am blessed.

Reveal the Mysteries, open my spirit, show the way, as you will, great Goddess.

No matter what, I will turn my face towards yours and bask in your pale light.

Hail, the full moon!


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