Do you have sad dreams?

Last night I dreamt and while the details both don’t matter and are difficult to remember, what did stay with me and is important is a strong and lingering feeling of sadness. 

I don’t remember the last time I dreamt and felt sad in the dream.  I’m assuming it must have happened at some point, but I honestly don’t remember when.  I’ve been scared in dreams, happy, often emotionally easy-going.  But not sad.  It feels weird.

I would love to hear from you, do you have sad dreams?  Are they often?  Or not?  Do they linger into your day?  How do you feel about them after?  Or do they just get forgotten?

This experience has made me curious.

3 thoughts on “Do you have sad dreams?”

  1. I have sad dreams occasionally. I’m quite glad that it’s only ‘on occasion’ because I find them quite insidious. As you mentioned in your post, I often don’t remember the details, or they’re vague – and often they don’t even matter.

    I find that, for me, they linger into my day, sometimes even longer than a day – it’s particularly frustrating when none of the details are clear, but the sadness remains. I often am a bit harsh on myself at those times, for being ‘sad about nothing’. I guess our subconscious knows… or maybe it’s our heart.

    Interestingly enough I have noted, on several occasions, my daughter awaking from a dream in sadness, she is young, but when asked what made her sad, she can’t answer clearly, but it lingers in her too.

    Interesting food for thought. 🙂

  2. Yes, irregularly, maybe once every other month or so. The meat of the dreams are usually loss but the details fade or were never there to begin with. I went through a long period where I would swear I had no dreams at all so fragmentary imaginings are good enough.

    The feelings usually linger till, at some point in the day, they peak and are released. Afterwards I feel anew and refreshed for the experience. A catharsis.

    Overall I find it a positive thing to feel so powerfully without having to really put work into it. It might make me a bit more introspective and quite but my mood doesn’t grow sour as I know all will be OK shortly.


  3. Thank you both for your comments!

    Pixie, I think the subconscious and the heart are on much better speaking terms with each other than our heads are with either. I would suggest not beating yourself up on days like that! Might go better if you embrace it as your subconscious sharing with you. Interesting that your daughter also has them. Fascinating, thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Myrrth (great name btw!), your experience sounds marvelous, a healthy connection of subconscious to conscious. Or something like that. I think the knowing that it will pass and that the result will be positive may also help.

    For myself, my resulting mood was strange. It wasn’t sadness. It was closer to anger but not there either. It may best have been described as no patience. Cut straight to the bone of the matter. I was a bit harsh that day, but it was effective and felt good in its own way.

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