Six and a Half Weeks

I’m very sorry to tell you that this post bears no relation to 9 1/2 weeks.

Six and a half weeks is how long I’ve been horizontal due to a herniated disc.  Yes, the CT scan confirmed it.  I’m very happy to say that the pain is nearly completely gone…so long as I don’t sit and/or stand for more than about 10-15 minutes, and not too often throughout the day.

Still, being able to manage without painkillers is awesome!  I did have to go through a couple of days of withdrawal which turned out to be headache maximus.  The narcotics did get me through the worst of the pain though and I wouldn’t have managed without them, so what’s a massive headache in comparison?

I’ve read probably at least 30 books and counting.  And I’m waiting oh-so-not-really-patiently for the nerve problems to go away.  I would really like to feel my toes again…and the side of my foot and calf.  For some reason the toes are more noticeable though.

Toes?  Are you there toes?  Toes!  Come back to me Toes!


Starting to get a little magical again which is fabulous.  It’s been emotionally difficult feeling so beige about everything.  Nothing was particularly interesting unless I was reading a good book.  But now…even managed a little ritual for the dark moon.  Clearly a sign of improvement, yes?

Come on, Back, finish healing so we can go outside, smell the fresh air, feel what the weather is doing, LEAVE THE HOUSE and all sorts of other fun things.

Hope springs eternal.

Anyone else have a sudden vision of Tigger?

Just me, eh?  Figures.  Happy Friday to all!

One thought on “Six and a Half Weeks”

  1. Nerve damage… it’s so slow and challenging. I had some fairly severe nerve damage that sounds a lot like yours, numbness in toes, side of calf, foot. I found that pelvic stretching and some light yoga really helped improve my condition. I was worse off than you as I could barely walk. Perhaps you are unable to actively try and recuperate now, which is understandable with that herniation… but I wanted you to know that you WILL feel those tender toes-ies again!!


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