Dark Moon Magic

Our rite this night began with the “Rite of Her Sacred Fires”, a celebration and invocation of Hekate that can be done by anyone and really at any time, though people are asked to do it across this waxing moon to share in a global group experience.

Our circle casting was simple and efficient (with that much practice, its not too surprising!) though in it I used the red drum I made with Nikiah of Red Moon Musings.  Its voice has deepened and reaches far on our behalf.

And then we worked with our Ancestors, in particular our spiritual ancestors.  While I cannot speak of the ritual and our experience, I will say that it was an honour, periodically fun, and has left me glowing with the love of a night well spent.

Let as many as can release their fears, become All, become None, become One and thus find our Selves.

~the Abysmal Witch

One thought on “Dark Moon Magic”

  1. hey look i can get to your blogg.. now can i reply..we shall see <-am replyign at my new work where the internet is very locked down O.o

    anyhoo.. what i wanted to say was i reall iked the bit you wrote at the end of your post.. it is most thought provoking..

    will have to wait untill i get home to see where you links leed tho.. pah.. stupid work..

    do be do

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