6 thoughts on “Podcast: Abysmal Witch Episode 4”

  1. well gosh.. so i have just finished listeneing to the correspondeing podcast which i enjoyed.. and got one of those penny dropping moments.. ohh personal altars.. ohhh.. *cue dropping penny*.. i never really thought of them that way before. i haver an altar in my room that i change around seasonally.. well kinda it is my personal altar.. and one that i don’t often show to people. weridly i also have a personal altar/shrine of sorts with pictures of my mother, her mother and soon her mother.. kinda ancestor but also not. *ponders this*..

    anyway i will be going home this evening and taking a second look at my personal altar and see what i come up with .. could be some rearranging me thinks..

    oh annddd i have ordered a new deck of tarot with artwork by the wonderful will worthington (wildwood tarot) and wondered what i was going to be doing with them well gosh.. all that i an i brought my tickets to Canadialand to Ottowa for the KG gathering in July/Aug wheee!!

    *cough*. yes thank you very much another thought provoking episode.

    PS corry about the pants spelling, there is no spell check on the work computer.. weird but there you go.


    1. awesome! hehehe, I helped a penny drop (did you have the pun in mind when you said that?). But honestly, if I lead one person to a new place of inspiration or thought, then I’ve done my job.

      ooooh, new tarot. Would love to see pictures. Great to hear from you 🙂

      1. yus i did have the pun i mind..teheh.. mind you that is not that unusal when i listen to your podcasts.. so aptley names.. *beams* i will post pictures of my new tarot when they arrive.. wheee.. also these will be the tarot i will take traveling with me when i come to Canadialand.. *boucnce bounce* i will have to update my blogg.. gosh and update.. *laughs*


  2. I originally left this on the Pennies in the Well site but I guess this is where it belongs…

    This is a BRILLIANT idea! I have had similar thoughts – doing a birthday altar, doing a monthly personal ritual – but didn’t think to set up a permanent personal altar. This was more of a “DUH!!” moment than an “AHA!” moment! I already have an idea of how I want it laid out and at least half a dozen of the things I want to put on it. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi, Iris, damn I hate missing comments on the Pennies site. Sorry about that. What’s awesome for me is that I’m not the only one, that this makes sense and works for other people. So glad this got you one of those realizing moments, yay!

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