“Let thine innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.”

Screw waiting for God to reach down and pluck me up in a swirl of sparkling lights and falling dust motes of my once solid body.  I’ll take my own Self into rapture, thank you.

And you can too.  Really anyone can if they are willing to invest the time, energy and self-discovery (youch!) necessary for full acceptance, integration and through those the expansion into All.

I am divine.  No, I am Divine.  That is, DIVINE.  Not just fabulous, wonderful or glorious.  Nope, move beyond all that, all those limited edges and realize that the fullness of divinity resides within and thus we within It.

Hold to your divine self.  Slide into it, Be It.  And the Universe, the All, opens before you.  Petals of the golden flower unfold with a blush of warmth, rich scent and delicate traces of moisture.  It is All.  And you are It.  You are in it and in one and in One become All.

And rapture comes, is, has always been waiting, present, unknown and longing.  It is, all around, all through us, because it is All.

Rapture.  Spiritual orgasm beyond any conceivable human scale.  Hell yeah.

Rapture on, fellow seekers!

~Abysmal Witch

p.s.  I am completely sober 😛

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