I’m alive!

Yes, it’s true and not just a vicious rumour spread by nazis.  I live, and breathe, and–oh, wait, that’s right, I declared “breathing is for pussies” a couple of months ago due to the insanity that my life had become.

It still is rather insane, but I’ve missed you and so here I am, sneaking in a quickie before my lunch hour runs out.

I know I owe some yule related posts (even though we’re heading to Beltaine, the lessons are always pertinent) but I have a new and fun quest going for 2012 that I want to share first. But not right now.  Right now, this is just a fast and rough post (up against a wall?  naughty!) to say where I’ve been.

Right where I always am, would be the simple answer, but under ever so much more stress and strain, both good and bad.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I got a promotion January 1st.  My work world went to rabid hell.  Hell because it went rabid, you see.  OMG the shit I still need to get done.  Just keep breathing–oh, right, that’s for pussies.  I don’t need to breathe.

Almost or about a month ago (I have no sense of time) out of almost the blue strangely, my coven expanded from two to five.  It’s been fucking fabulous, but that’s a lot of new relationships to build!

And in January I started seeing someone.  I will only say on this that it (and he) is unlike any relationship I’ve had before.  And that, naturally, has also taken a lot of time.

Perhaps things are starting to settle into a routine.  Or perhaps I’ve just been jonesing to connect.  Either way, I’m sincerely hoping you’ll be hearing much more from me again.  Starting now.  Because I say so, dammit!

Love out to all of you!


~The Abysmal Witch (back from her unexpected hiatus)

2 thoughts on “I’m alive!”

  1. wecome back.. yay promotion and coven and boys.. *beams* also it will be yule in NZ in june.. so post yule away *grins*.. currently we are nearing Samhane.. do be do

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