Discombobulation…and closet re-orgs.

Do you ever feel that way?  Just discombobulated in everything.  Things not fitting together in quite the right way.

Oh, the majority of my pieces of things have been really great.  No, seriously, aside from when I want to kill him, having my partner move in with me has been a fabulous thing (if you had asked me last year if I would be living with someone the following year I would have snorted my kahlua and chocolate milk all over you); my job has changed which has brought challenges both interesting and painful; my coven has changed which has been unadulterated goodness.  Despite my partner being a foodie, I’ve kept my body in the shape that makes me happy.  There are two new (1 as of yesterday!) slithery bodies in the house (we now have a ball python, a desert king and a corn snake).  I’ve started dancing again in small doses.  I can feel the magic around me, swirling, pulling, daring.

So many different pieces, trying to get them to align in the best way possible, to find my way in my severely changing world order has been interesting.  And a challenge.  And while that is mostly under control, it has left me with a sense of not really knowing where from here.

I mean, sure, you’d think that I’d just settle in, that I would savour getting everything resolved and organized (we got the last of the boxes unpacked yesterday).

Apparently not quite.

Oh, I’m savouring.  Hell yeah!  But how will this all work going forward?  The most wonderful option would be if it would all just work out with no effort and no planning.


That’s what the universe says to that.  Or I say to the universe.  Depends on the day.

Today I feel somewhat combobulated.  It makes a nice change but I don’t trust it.  It could easily just slip away into the dis and I get left once more floating in a sea of not-necessarily-articulated options and pulls.  Pulls being our interests, desires, wants and needs.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is what a closet or drawer feels like when you pull or dump everything out of it, sort through it all and then start working on getting it all back in, minus a few pieces, perhaps with space for a few (planned?) new items, and everything hopefully making more sense as you put it back into a probably re-configured space.  I think I’m at the contemplating parts going back in and where the best places are for things and what will get left out and what kind of space will be left over for the other important things that I’ve wanted to put into it but never had the room for.

It’s an interesting time.  I really want my “closet” re-org finished.  I’d like to move on to other things, thank you very much, Universe.  Just saying.

Deep and wild blessings to one, to all, and to you in particular.


~The Abysmal Witch

3 thoughts on “Discombobulation…and closet re-orgs.”

  1. Saturn, my friend, I am a professional organizer, a designer for California Closets. If you would like some mostly free advise on organizing your closets, I can be bribed with a glass of wine. Call me! Heronsong, aka Susanne aka Sue

  2. I too had my significant other move in with me recently and trying to reorganize and just meld together what is verses what was can be a little difficult. At the same time I just remember to stop and to realize a lot of the things that I was freaking out over were pretty lame. What dishes to keep if we have duplicates or even triplicates and things like that just aren’t worth the headache to worry about. Keep what you need, toss/donate what you don’t and enjoy living what you had dreamed about for so long!

  3. Sounds like your life is going really great, best wishes to you! I am SUPER jealous of your partner being a foodie – mine like to eat the same five things over and over, haha. Enjoy the chaos and the newness, don’t rush it – it might not seem like it, but you might miss it when it’s over!

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