O Nap

O Nap

Thou divine purveyor of the little death
Granter of restoration
And serenity most needed
Why are we kept apart?
What is this dogged and evil force
Driving itself between us
As the day rams itself
Between dusk and dawn

O Nap
It has been too long
Since thy loving embrace
Has taken me down
Light or deep
Short or long
O Nap thy arms I miss!
As the eagle misses the wind
And the gopher their hole

Without thee, O Nap
My life is fraught with living
With doing and necessity
And blurry-eyed and burning
Bone-dragging and flesh sagging
Weariness beyond hope
Beyond surcease

O Nap
Come once more unto me
I beg of you
And you come!
Dressed in your simpleness
Of pillow and blanket
Needing naught else
To offer me comfort
Yet by the world we are denied
I am torn from your loving hands
Almost before we could touch
Thrust into light
Bound by practical necessity
To my feet and my waking

O Nap
Will you wait for me?
If I come to you in three hours
Will you be there?
Waiting for me?
Or will you forsake me
For my unintended fickleness
I pray that this be not so
That your warmth
Your caress
The cocoon of revival you offer
Shall await my arrival.

As soon as the world allows
I come to you
In love and desperation
I come to you
In stumbling fuzzy headed exhaustion
I come to you

Wait for me.
Just wait.

~Violet, The Abysmal Witch

Elvira: my inspiration

Yes, I’m talking Elvira, Mistress of the Dark:


In 1988 the movie, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark came out.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It’s a fabulously fun, magical romp perfect for this time of year.

It was addictive for me back in its day.  I don’t know that I ever thought about why, but today I know it.  Re-watching it I felt what I had when I was younger.

She inspires me to personal empowerment.  (The timestamps below are but single examples easily pulled out, there are multiple examples of each of these throughout the movie.)

She’s fearless and generous (picking up the hitchhiker timestamp: 7:49, for example), protects herself (tosses said killer hitchhiker out of the car and tosses his axe after him timestamp 8:00).  Care for others balanced with looking out for her own needs.

She is embodied sexuality (no need to explain that one) and yet she doesn’t sell herself (timstamp 38:52 the real estate agent starts hitting on her-I appreciate her obvliousness- “Just because this house is up for grabs, doesn’t mean I am” to 39:20).

She has no problem saying no (17:15).  Even when dealing with assholes she often retains a sense of humour, rather than becoming embittered (18:00).

Despite her intense sexuality and forthrightness she listens to what the guy she’s attracted to wants in the moment, letting him redirect her advances to something he can deal with (he’s shy it seems) (55:16 to 56:46).

She gets angry, she gets even, she does the best she can while being far from perfect.

She does not apologize for who she is.


And that’s why she’s a hero of mine.  All of it, but particularly that lack of apology.  And her complete comfort in her sexuality.  Both things I aspire to.