Life, the Universe and Everything.  And nothing, don’t forget nothing.  And if you forget nothing, have you thereby forgotten something or is it, in fact, everything that you’ve remembered?

Ah, the twistyness of the Abysmal mind.  It knows of bounds, but where they are cannot be said for that would ruin the surprise.  It’s a special journey we take together, sometimes even in the special bus.  It has pink flowers and bobble head dolls stuck to the roof.  It makes travelling so much more entertaining.

Am I supposed to tell you of myself here?  Is that the purpose?  Seems a bit far-fetched if you ask me.  Fetch!  Go fetch!  Wait, that’s not very witchy.  Here fetch!  Now fetch, fetch!  Don’t know what a fetch is?  Some say it’s your deeper, animal, self.  Some say it is a familiar spirit.  I say that you need to get outside and taste that fresh air and decide what you want to fetch from your life, regardless of the fetch or fetch you use to help you.

Still trying to figure me out?  Oh, dear, this could take some time.  So settle in, get comfie, and let’s test out my new Nimbus 3000.  But never forget your goggles, cuz there’s nothing quite like a bug in the eye.

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