The Power of Touch

a.k.a. the Power of Cuddling.

On real joy of being stuck lying down for months is the amount of cat cuddle time I’ve gotten in.  Particularly with my oldest cat, she’s 14, sweet and so neurotic she’s on Prozac.

The hours we have spent with her curled up on me during the bad months.  I’m sure she slept on my for 3, 4, possibly more hours on individual days during the worst of the pain.

She prefers to be up high on my chest so that the back of her head, her neck or her back is up close near my chin.  Many times right up against.  Then there was the odd day where she would be across my chest with her legs outstretched on either side of my head.  Okay, sure, there was fear that if there was some loud, startling noise, that she’d slice my face right open as she fled from it, it was still really sweet and cute and cuddly.

And ultimately soothing for me.  Keeping to a happy state of mind has had its rough moments over the past few months.  I also had to keep from getting too bored or frustrated or annoyed with my incapacitated and horizontal state.  I believe my sweetie really helped with that

Touch is powerful.  It is extremely personal.  It reaches straight through to our inner selves.  And it’s not just touch with other people.  It’s connecting with our pets and our environment, from our clothes, to bedding, to anything that our skin comes in contact with.

If I had more energy left I’d go on more, but instead I’ll leave the topic there for the time being and only add:

Go get your cuddle on!