I’m teaching! And it’s free! Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right, I’ve–I was going to say ‘gone into the teaching business’ but since I’m already a teacher and I’m not doing this course (at least yet) as a business, that’s a bit misleading to say.

What is true is that I’ve setup an online practical magick school:  TerraArcanum.org.  And the first course offering is up, and it’s free to anyone and everyone who registers into it by March 15, 2017.  It’s a 12 month course on the Qabala, more specifically on the Practical Qabala.  It’s a basic, introductory course, focusing on experiencing the Qabala through meditation, energy work and discussion.  The discussions are strongly encouraged, either online through a group devoted to it or in person.  I’ll be hosting in person teas to accompany the course (okay, to be completely honest, I’m doing the course to accompany the teas!) and encourage anyone else who is inclined to do the same.  What better reason to get together with like minded folk than to sit down over a hot (or cold) beverage to discuss mysticism and magick?

Seriously, this is a limited time opportunity.  Go on over to the course page and sign up now, before it’s too late.  Or at least before I make you pay for it (that would be on March 15, 2017).  Go now.

Go here.

Are you still on this page?  Silly person!  Go to Terra Arcanum now and avoid FOMO.

In all honesty, and sincerely, I hope that anyone who will find this useful and of interest will join in on the process.  It’s an offering I can make to the world. Happy New Year!

Abymsal Witch – Episode 5

Last night I did a ritual to say farewell to my friend.  I recorded a podcast episode right afterwards (so that I would remember what I had done) as I thought some of you might find such a ritual interesting and/or helpful someday.

Above is the altar (or part of it).  I think it’s pretty.  But then, candlelight makes most things lovely.  Following is a picture of the inside of the offering bowl (for a description of what is in it and what it was used for, you’ll need to listen to the podcast).

Sometimes we need to remember to not just drink from life, but sniff it, too.  Scent is a powerful tool, but that is a topic for another day.

Take care of yourselves, and those around you.

~Abysmal Witch