Life is F*cking Annoying

Hey, no one can be positive and deep all the time.  Something I’ve been reminded of this week.

I know to the bone that not all is good and wonderful, but I’m not sure that is always conveyed in this blog. 

I do try to keep to a healthy view of life.  Which means I work on not holding excessively to negative feelings or in other words venting is good.  There are limits to this.  Venting or ranting all the time is bad.  Why?  Because it gives your body too many stress hormones, it fools you into thinking that your world is more horrific than it is, it makes you a miserable bitch to be around.  It’s a straight way to lose friends and alienate people. 

Venting or ranting in the moment to express how you’re honestly feeling, that’s healthy.  Though watch your environment, not all places are suitable for ranting.

And I do rant.  Oh, how I do.  I get so much fodder and on such a regular basis that it’s a necessary regular component of life.  But I realized when I started this particular post that I have never ranted within this blog.  Mind you, I can’t typically get into details given the other people involved and privacy considerations, but dammit cranky is as much an honest emotion as the sweet joy of spiritual enlightenment. 

This week has been a mess of stupidity.  Under foot, over head, through spoken, written and electronic means. 

What is my spiritual take on this?

That sometimes you need to get tough, get bitchy, and use the force of idiocy-induced-aggravation to fuel the boundary setting and problem solving.  As with all things, there’s a balance.  In this case, the polite and helpful (typically the best way to get things done) has needed to be counterbalanced by the tough attitude and the word “no”. 

Can you believe that Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are all retrograde right now?  I can. 


3 thoughts on “Life is F*cking Annoying”

  1. I believe it… yes, I do indeed believe it.

    I have a favourite quote by Phyllis Diller on my fridge, it reads: “My recipe for dealing with anger and frustration: set the kitchen timer for twenty minutes, cry, rant, and rave, and at the sound of the bell, simmer down and go about business as usual”.

    Mayhaps, not practical in every situation, but a useful reminder that everything has it’s place.


  2. Oh, I like that. I like the rant timer. Now I want one for my office. A one minute timer for instance. That’s what you get folks, one minute, during which I may or may not listen to you, and after which I expect to get down to actually working sans whining. niiiiiiiiiiiiice

  3. This week has been really aggravating for me, too – though it’s funny, all of the issues I ran into were very Mercury-oriented, but Mercury is past being retrograde, and even past being “in its shadow,” where it’s covering the same ground it retrograded over. Seriously, it left the shadow phase on Monday, which is right when I started having all kinds of car/computer/internet issues. *sigh* But I’ve noticed that often I have no problems during the retrograde period, then just when it’s over – wham. It’s like there was a whole bunch of stuff just waiting to move forward all at once (even though to me it feels like moving backward.) I always find it interesting to watch these patterns and how they affect us all differently.

    Anyway, I completely agree about the need for balance, and accepting that sometimes we’re going to be angry, or upset, and not treat it as some huge moral failing or evidence of being a “bad person.” How we deal with that emotion, and how much of ourselves we invest in it, that’s of much more concern to me.

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