unnnnn Type 2 Zombie

It is important to recognize the different types of zombies.  Both to be sure to use the most effective method of slaughter or immobilization and also to recognize the first incipient signs of turning in you or your allies.

Type 2 is the post-long-day zombie.  Identifiable by the swollen eyes and slow, dragging movement.  Very similar to Type 1’s (the too-early-morning zombie) in the movement making it all the more important to pay attention to the small details.  The Type 2 will be emitting a scent reminiscent of quickly eaten lunch and may have a strong overtone of old coffee.

Type 2 zombies will also be sporting hair that looks like it was once combed, perhaps even coiffed, but has been dragged into disarray by the very events that turned it into the zombie.  Its clothes will have that same once professional quality that has been subsequently destroyed.

Thankfully Type 2’s are notoriously slow and disinclined towards movement of any sort, even in search of brains.  However, they appear to emanate a brain deadening zone for several feet around themselves.  Any human who fails to notice the presence of this zombie runs a strong risk of falling prey to this brain killing zone.  Once that happens the human will likely begin to turn into a Type 2.

Type 2’s are almost invariably encountered at the end of work days.  Be careful!  Our own tired state can exacerbate our vulnerability to the brain deadening zone.

Some recovery from the Type 2 zombie state has been reported.  However, this supposed miracle has never been reliably documented.

I hope this information will help to protect some of you from the ever increasing zombie hoarde.

So pack your ammo, keep your friends close and always remember rule #32:  enjoy the little things.

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