Striped Socks, Recycling & Cats

Today has been a day of productivity, creativity and cute-ivity.  I share with you a fun way to recycle with some extra recycling and cats.  What a perfect combination!

As you have likely realized, I have a love of striped socks.  So much so, that naturally said socks must eventually acquire holes.  As I tend to have a random but vaguely-frequent-enough crazy and striped sock expansion program, there is not a lack of new socks to enjoy.

BUT my poor, well-serving old striped socks, to just throw them out is sad.  Sad socks are sad.  We don’t want sad socks.  Or wastage when it isn’t necessary.

New life was found!

So simple, combine knee high socks, catnip and (in my case) shredded paper.  I tied a knot at the ankle (so the catnip wouldn’t fall out the hole in the foot, of course), poured catnip into the sock, then shoved a bunch of shredded paper (ooooh, double-recycle whammy!) and more catnip into it until it had a good solid shape and size.  Tied off the other end and voila!

I made a huggable, kickable, lickable new cat toy.

Cat approved:

Happy cat, happy witch.  Happy Wednesday!

~the Abysmal Witch

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