Aggravating on Principle

Have you ever been faced with a familiar situation, one that happens semi-regularly, that you can’t realistically stop from happening unless you significantly change something, that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things but that royally ticks you off every time it happens?

I’ve just had one.  I no longer even wait for the situation to fully bloom into its annoying fullness.

Instead, I’m trying to forestall the arguments before they can even happen.

But the heart, it’s still racing, my ire still high, cheeks flushed and clearly my fingers typing in aggravated, frustrated and semi-righteous fervor.  Obviously in anticipation of the supposedly potentially forestalled arguments.

Yes, I’m aggravated on principle before said principle has even been pushed on.  I do believe this is referred to as a knee-jerk reaction.

Sounds about right.

🙂  Well, nothing like a good aggravation to clear the arteries.  I feel better for sharing.  Thank you.