It’s the Shreddy Things!

This is a post on the little changes in life that make big Big BIG effects.

I am the proud, new owner of a shredder!  Can one be proud of being a shredder owner?  I suppose technically yes, and yet it seems like such an odd thing to be proud of.  To be honest, though, I do not think it is the shredder so much as what the shredder does for me.

I am FREE!

Free! of the relentless influx of paper that the modern world says should be destroyed, not just thrown out, in order to protect our identities and our poor, little funds of money from being stripped from us.

For the past several years I have cast my old receipts and bank statements and other personal data pieces of paper into my composting worm bin.


I really suck at looking after my worms.  I don’t cook consistently enough–no, well, yes, but no.  That is a truth, but not the main truth of why I and a worm bin are not good friends.  The truth is, I do not enjoy worm composting.  It (and I’m sad to say this) squicks me.  I have to overcome internal reluctance every single time I use it.  I did so for two years.  And now, now I come to a different conclusion.

I’m letting shit go.

(You should really check out the source of this picture.  Seriously, just when you think life can’t get weirder you find that Unicef has done ads to encourage children in Indian to not poo in public.  All power to them, it’s a good thing to encourage, but still, odd.  And the ads themselves…..)

Let it go.  I’m letting it go.  Letting the shit go, which means the worms go, even though they makes fabulous dirt.

The worms will find a new home shortly.  But my receipts, they had already clogged up my “to be shredded folder” and my purse and all other such receipt and personal data sheet places.

Now muwahhahahaha there is a shredder.  It is on my kitchen counter, in the corner, just inside my front door.  Which means that I can divest myself of unneeded receipts the moment I walk through my door.  WOOT!!!!!

(I record all of my purchases at the time of purchase on my phone with an app called CashTrails so I have already a record of what I’ve spent and thus have zero need for those little annoying strips of paper).

I have found a new freedom.  Freedom from the need to worry about something in the future.  Freedom from an increasing “to-do” pile.  Freedom from future action that can be resolved in the moment with almost no effort.

Life is good.

And do you know what I did with my first pile of shredded papers in several years?  Check it out my previous blog post.  😀  The cats loved it.

Enjoy the little things, the shreddy things and all other little life hacks that bring a release of tension and thus another measure of inner calm.  Every thimbleful is worth it.

~The Abysmal Witch